5 Ideas and DIYs For A Simple Home Makeover

You don’t need to spend much to give your house a makeover that will cheer you up. Make your space feel more like home. There’s nothing like adding your personal touch to transform where you live.

Here are some simple ideas and DIY elements to get you started!

Put Your Memories on Display

Work on some DIY personalized frames and hang your family pictures on the wall. Having your memories nicely set on display will bring you positive vibes. 

Tip: Arrange the frames first on the floor to get a sense of how they’ll look on the wall before hanging them.

Transform Dull Furniture

Got any leftover paint? Transform your wooden furniture by painting them with bright colors. 

You can use an old chair as a side table or have some chairs placed in your balcony or in your favorite cozy corner.

Use an Old Scarf as A Tablecloth

A dull table plus an old scarf makes the perfect match! Use your old favorite scarf as a table cloth and give your dresser a makeover.

Use Old Jars to Organize Your Makeup

You know these empty jars you’ve stashed in a corner and never used? Get as many as you need, fill them with confetti and sequins to make them pretty, and organize your makeup and brushes! It’ll add color to your dresser.

Install LED Light bulbs

Lighting can transform a space. If you can’t afford to do a massive makeover, consider adding these new vintage-style LED light bulbs! It’s one of the most important elements to consider when renovating your house. 

As simple as they look, they’ll transform the lighting in your house and give it a new style.  

There are so many ways to effortlessly decorate a house without spending much. These will get you started right away! 

Remember, DIY items aren’t as hard as you think. They don’t take much effort and they can make something new out of your house.


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