5 Tips to Improve Your House’s Curb Appeal

If your house needs some renovations to get it ready for a big sale soon, remember to exert some effort on the outside of your home and not just the inside. 

This means you’ve got to do some changes in your garden to improve your curb appeal, as it is the first thing that draws potential buyers’ attention at the first glance. 

Here are some tips on how to improve the curb appeal of your home!

Add color to the front door

The front door is your main portal and it says a lot about your house, so choose a bold and powerful color in order for it to pop and stand out. 

It doesn’t have to match the inside of your home, so even if the rest of the house follows one color scheme, don’t be afraid to go a little nuts with the color of the front door. 

Redo your walkway

The main walkway to your house must be welcoming, so make sure you decorate it. 

The most popular methods for coloring exterior concrete are chemical stains, integral color and dry-shake hardeners.

Paint the Entire house

If you have the budget to hire professional painters, then go for it! It will make your house look like it’s brand new. 

More Greenery

This is an easy hack to do but will make your curb look way more welcoming: Add greenery and flowers and fill the garden with tall evergreen bushes like boxwoods, junipers, or Hicks yews.

Add porch seating

Make your neighborhood look friendly and sociable by putting some rockers out on the porch. It will also make a nice seating area for when they’re done with the tour.  

There are other simple things that you can do to add to your curb that won’t cost you much, like having a cute mailbox, a welcoming mat or some warm lights. 


Don’t be afraid to go bold. Paint your front door, redo your walkway, paint the house, add more greenery, and add porch seating. These can go a long way in achieving a better curb appeal!

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