Home Quarantine: How to Stay Active at Home

Even though people across the globe now rarely leave their homes, staying physically active is important in order to maintain good physical and mental health.

Staying active helps your body stay in good shape and helps improve your mood, which is exactly what everyone needs at the moment.

But how can you stay active with everything happening in the world, and gyms, wellness studios and parks closed? 

Well, you can turn your house into any space you want and stay active from the comfort of your home.

Here are some activities to get you moving:

Home cardio

Doing cardio at home is easy and helps with boosting your heart rate to energize you. Examples of cardio exercises include running in place, jumping jacks, lunge jumps, and skipping in place.

Cardio will help you lose weight, maintain brain function, and keep cholesterol levels in check.

Pilates at home

Doing Pilates improves your balance and posture as well as your body strength. If you’re having trouble sleeping, it’ll help you with that. 

Pilates manages chronic low back pain, as it improves muscular endurance and flexibility.


Yoga will not only help you stay active; it’ll also improve your flexibility and well-being. Practicing yoga relieves stress and anxiety, hence lifting your mood.

Housework Activities

You don’t necessarily have to work out or do yoga. Simple routine housework activities can help you remain active and kill time efficiently.

These activities can be gardening or even dancing in your living room to your favorite song! Cleaning around the house, dusting a bookshelf, or cooking, will still help you remain active and ensure your wellbeing.

One study has shown that doing as little as 10 minutes of leisurely activity per week is linked to lower risk of premature death. As good as a morning workout sounds and as relaxing as a yoga session is, simple housework activities will still do the trick.

Remember, your home should be your safe haven and a place to practice any activity you love. Think of your home as your own personal gym or wellness center. Go crazy!


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