How to Repurpose Your Attic for Extra Space

Your attic is way more than just a storage room for unwanted stuff or things you can’t find room for anymore. And it certainly shouldn’t be a space that’s wasted on excess furniture or useless objects.

So it’s time to declutter your attic and get it ready for a smart conversion! It’s time you start using the extra space wisely.

Here are 5 repurposing ideas to best utilize your attic space.

A Playroom 

Turn your attic into a wonderful playroom for your kids to run around and play! Just make sure to follow all the necessary safety precautions, then think of what your kids would love to have in it and create their own wonderland!


Need an extra room for a regular guest? Convert your attic to a beautiful loft bedroom. 

You just need to install the right insulation so that your guest enjoys a comfortable temperature. 


Who wouldn’t want an extra bathroom in the house? 

One challenge you will face though is the plumbing. But the way you have it placed now will determine the best way for you to structure the attic bathroom renovation, whether above the kitchen or bathroom. 

Home Office 

A home office is a great addition to your house especially in the attic, where it’s away from all the noise and disturbance. 

Just make sure to have the right sound-dampening materials installed.

A Library 

If you’re a true bookworm who enjoys the sight of books, then definitely convert the space to a library! 

The attic will make a great storage solution for books and at the same time, you will have yourself a unique quiet spot for reading and studying. 

Deciding on which conversion to go for really depends on you and your family’s preferences! 

What really matters is that you don’t leave out that extra space unused. 

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