Things to do Before Putting Your House on the Market

Here are the things you should do in order to guarantee a solid offer and even increase its value. 

Some are quite simple but will still make a huge difference! 

Install More Light Bulbs

Make sure when you show your house to potential buyers, that all the lights fixtures and lamps are turned on and all light bulbs are working. 

Declutter Your House 

Organize your space to make it look appealing enough to attract buyers and have them focus on the actual home instead of the clutter. 

Having your house look neat and welcoming is key to turn potential buyers to interested ones! 

Rent a Storage Unit

If you seem to have so much clutter in your home with things you just can’t give away or sell, you can temporarily rent a storage unit to store all your belongings and extra stuff.   

Call A Handyman 

Besides having your house organized and making sure that all light bulbs are working, you have to get everything fixed from locks, squeaky doors, cracks in the walls, to broken appliances or any leaky faucets. 

This way, the buyer can rest assured that he’s putting his money in a home that is well taken care of. 

Hire a Professional Photographer 

Invest in having a professional photographer to take photos of your house, as many buyers look up homes online. So leaving a good first impression is key to have them come see the house live. 

Remember, the photos should be the first thing to sell your house! 

Paint the Walls

No buyer would want to see cracks in wall paintings! So it’s time you repaint the entire house with colors that will make it feel welcoming and homier. 

Go for white, light grays and beiges, as these shades will also make the house feel bigger. 


These things, as simple as some may sound, will help your house stand out among others and encourage buyers to consider your house and make an offer. 

You must think of what would make your house look even bigger and better!

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